About Us

Dr. Victoria Giglio


 Here  at Dynamic Balance Acupuncture & Health Dr. Giglio strives to provide the best care to her patients. Each treatment plan is  designed specifically around each individual and is unique just like  you! With many clinical hours treating patients she has been able to  help many people get the relief they need. Dr. Giglio graduated from  Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe with a Master’s of Science in  Oriental Medicine. In addition to her formal schooling she was  personally mentored in specific treatment protocols and styles which has  expanded her ability to help her patients. Using acupuncture, herbs and  other supportive therapies she is able to treat the body as a whole and  not just the symptoms.  

How we can help!

Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbs is a wonderful and natural way to help with pain, stress management, digestive complaints, emotional disharmony and so much more. This ancient medicine has been used for centuries to help relieve many ailments that we may experience. 


Dr. Giglio has had success with treating chronic and acute pain, digestive disorders, drug/alcohol withdrawal, emotional disorders and so much more. Set up your appointment to get the relief you need today!